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Hella supports path to clean mobility 

As one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers, Hella says it is actively driving the trend towards energy efficiency and electrification. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio ranging from battery management systems to DC/DC converters.

Björn Twiehaus, Head of Product Centre Energy Management and member of the Executive Board of Hella’s Electronics business division said: “Environmentally friendly driving is becoming more and more attractive, and the infrastructures for hybrid and electric vehicles is constantly improving. Nevertheless, the classic combustion engine will not simply disappear overnight. That’s why we bring our expertise to the entire range of drive concepts.”

Hella offers products that are designed for mild hybrids, plug-in or electric vehicles, as well as for classic combustion engines.

Tweiehaus added: “In this way, we accompany customers comprehensively on their way to electromobility.”

The company expresses this approach with the central slogan, “Passion for Clean Mobility”. On the way to “clean mobility”, Hella says it is continuously developing its products further and focuses above all on forward-looking solutions such as safe battery management and intelligent thermal management.

In the new film “Passion for Clean Mobility”, Hella now explains what current and future concepts for electric mobility can look like. The film was shot in Shanghai, China – one of the largest growth markets for hybrid and electric vehicles.