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Hella strengthens position in car body lighting

Hella tells us it has received several orders from vehicle manufacturers regarding its comprehensive car body lighting systems.

The company’s advances in electrification has opened up many new design options for car makers.

“Light is the new chrome,” says Dr. Frank Huber, managing director at Hella and responsible for the lighting division. “We clearly feel that manufacturers are more than ever looking for innovative lighting solutions to give their vehicles a unique character.”

In 2016, Hella opened a new competence centre for car body lighting in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Since then its activities have been pushed forward at full speed. This includes the development of highly integrated lighting solutions, in particular. For example, Hella played a decisive role in developing the illuminated radiator grille of the BMW X6.

Dr. Huber adds: “Car body lighting is an increasingly important differentiating factor for car manufacturers. This development is also being spurred on by the ongoing electrification.

“Since e-cars no longer require classic engine cooling, car designers have additional scope to use the front vehicle signature as the central brand face.”

Hella says it has also received an order from an unnamed German car manufacturer to integrate a “design character line” into the grille an electric vehicle.

It also designed a dynamic lighting feature for the grille of another electric car of a European manufacturer, which be launched at the beginning of next year.

For this purpose, 130 LEDs are integrated into a thick-walled Edge Light, light guide to create a crystal effect. In addition, Hella says its light developers are currently working on a panel more than one metre wide, which will be used in the front area of an EV in Europe. This requires the highest surface quality and it is also penetrable by radar in order to be able to realise the function of automatic distance control (ACC).

Hella has many years of experience in the production of complex radar covers. These protect the front radar sensors against adverse weather and soiling and are usually located behind the logo of the car manufacturer, which means they are also a central element of car body lighting.

“Hella’s comprehensive expertise is a real unique selling point in the market. Building on this, we will further expand and sustainably strengthen our position in the field of car body lighting worldwide”, says Dr. Huber.