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Hella Gutmann Solutions updates software for mega macs devices

As Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) become more prevalent in the vehicle car parc, it is vital that all independent workshops understand the technology and are equipped to handle working on these systems.

Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS) has been a market leader in this area for many years, ensuring technicians are able to correctly recalibrate the cameras/radars in these vehicles and educating them about the complex technologies involved.

HGS has therefore released the version 56 software update available on mega macs PC, 42SE, 56, 66 and 77.

This software includes revisions to the majority of the vehicle manufacturers currently covered in general diagnostic capabilities. This also further expands HGS’ ADAS system coverage for front, rear and 360 cameras, as well as radar.

However, for the mega macs 42 and 50 this will be the final update. While these models haven’t been sold in the UK for years, they will continue to work as is but will not benefit from the vital updates HGS provides.