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Hella further expands software centre

Hella KGaA Hueck & Co., one of the global leaders for automotive lighting and electronics, is further developing its subsidiary company, Hella Aglaia, which specialises in image processing and software solutions. Against this backdrop, the company has moved into its new headquarters in the Tempelhof district of Berlin and projects the number of its employees to reach 500.

“Hella is benefiting from automotive trends, such as autonomous vehicles and digitalisation and to successfully serve these, software expertise is increasingly becoming a key competence,” says Dr. Rolf Breidenbach, Hella’s CEO.

“We are therefore further developing our software development resources. Our Berlin subsidiary company, Hella Aglaia, is of great importance here as a competence centre for intelligent visual sensor systems and artificial intelligence.”

“We’re currently hiring up to seven new colleagues every month”, adds Kay Talmi, Managing Director of Hella Aglaia. “Our new location inside the renowned Ullsteinhaus in Berlin Tempelhof, will surely further spur development, after all, we’re now situated in one of Berlin’s digital hubs, surrounded by startups and excellent universities.”

With some 300 employees, Hella Aglaia is among the world’s leading intelligent visual sensor system providers. Aglaiawas founded in Berlin in 1998 and became a full Hella  subsidiary in 2006. Over the years, the company has acquired unique expertise of camera-based assistance systems – with a clear focus on software – an open software system for front cameras being its most recent milestone. Hella Aglaia has thus succeeded in introducing a new business model to the market, allowing customers to flexibly combine various hardware components and software functions, such as lighting control, lane/traffic sign/pedestrian and object recognition, according to their individual needs. This enables Hella to effectively contribute to the transition from assisted to autonomous vehicles.