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Hella bespoke lighting solutions

HELLA Shapeline is an exciting lighting innovation for fleet managers and commercial vehicle body builders, which gives them the complete design solution for the front, side and rear lights of their vehicles, both truck and trailer. Traditionally, it has been a challenge for vehicle developers to design light signatures on new models, but this new offering minimises the huge expense involved in developing model specific lamps and provides freedom in the design process.


The new Shapeline series gives managers with a smaller fleet the opportunity to create a unique solution, and with such a wide variety of designs to choose from, the modified fleet lighting will create a consistent look and feel.

There are two design themes: the classic, sleek Shapeline Tech and the dynamic Shapeline Style, both of which offer a range of light functions for front, side and rear lighting, giving the customer creative freedom for all applications.

In addition to these high quality light units, the key to the process is HELLA’s superb online configurator, which provides a quick and easy solution for the fleet manager to design a fully customised lamp combination for the front, side and rear and create the visual signature in virtual reality at www.hella.com/shapeline. Not only is this an easy way to design lights, the configurator automatically takes into account either current European ECE R48 regulations or American SAE regulations.

The Shapeline lights all maintain the high standards of HELLA products, including impressive functionality, innovative technology and of course, premium quality.

For more information about the OE quality products available from HELLA or for Behr Hella Service, please call customer services on: 01295 662400 or email hella.sales@hella.com