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Hella backs OESAA’s Covid-19 workshop support packs

Alongside other OESAA members, Hella has reaffirmed its ongoing support to help Irish and UK workshops with the advice they need and the equipment required to keep their premises safe and operating normally.

The initiative complements the ‘Back on Track’ campaign, launched in July 2020, where 3,000 packs of point of sale and Covid-19 safety-related materials were distributed in a bid to promote a safe environment for technicians and their customers, as workshops reopened after the first lockdown.

“Having been a part of the original ‘Back on Track’ initiative as the country came out of the first lockdown, Hella is equally committed to this subsequent ‘We’ve got you covered’ campaign,” said senior head of marketing & communications, Helen Goldingay.

“Ensuring the safety of both workshop employees and the motoring public is not only a sensible public health measure, it plays an important part in ensuring the country’s economy remains open, which is another reason Hella is so keen to promote this next element of the campaign.”

At the time, the ‘Back on Track’ initiative reflected the end of some NCT exemptions, meaning more cars were likely to be on the road and workshops were looking after more vehicles than normal.

However, workshops and, specifically, technicians are still busy servicing, repairing and testing key worker vehicles. OESAA wants to offer its support in this task by providing more useful safety-related items, which will help workshops continue to be a safe place for technicians to work and for customers to visit.

After consultation with independent workshops, the new pack will include two OESAA-branded 500ml refillable spray bottles, to be filled with surface cleaner, an anti-microbial key tray to help make vehicle handovers contact-free, 25 B-pillar stickers to seal and protect the vehicle after servicing and prior to collection, plus 25 flyers for workshops to give to customers containing safety-related information.