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Haweka wheel alignment points to fast cost savings

For practically all transport operators, fuel consumption and tyre wear are a large part of their operating costs. If the truck wheels are misaligned it can have an adverse effect on both tyre wear and fuel consumption

Correct wheel alignment claims to reduce tyre wear and extend tyre life by up to 25 per cent. It also claims to reduce fuel consumption. For example it is said that a 10mm mis-alignment on one wheel increases usage 4 per cent, and with proper wheel alignment, savings of up to 5 per cent per vehicle easily achieved.

When truck wheels are aligned correctly, as well as fuel and tyre benefits, emissions are reduced, there is less wear and tear on mechanical components, drivers report reduced fatigue and tyres are less likely to overheat.

The Haweka Axis500 means that wheel alignment for trucks no longer needs to be a long drawn-out and complicated process. This wheel alignment equipment allows the operator to measure a twin-axle semi-trailer in less than 10 minutes. The Axis500 is able to do this due to its patented laser measuring head and easy to use magnetic chassis scales.

The measuring head is placed on the rim by powerful magnetic feet (with additional grab arms for aluminium rims) and measurement can start immediately. Given that the measuring does not need to be compensated like all other machines, there is no need for the time-consuming task of lifting up the vehicle for wheel rim run-out compensation. The system allows for the measurement of front toe, individual toe, camber, toe out on turns, turning radius, castor, kingpin inclination angle, angular tilt of axles, thrust angle and axle offset.

The precise measurement gauges are stored in a heavy-duty wooden trunk that ensures, even in mobile use, the investment is totally protected. No electricity supply is required, as the batteries in the laser heads have a minimum of eight hours continual use, and the battery in the electronic protractor lasts over 2,000 hours. The system is completely portable and can be used on a level or non-level site. Most traditional wheel alignment machines need a level floor, but the Axis500 system compensates for any unevenness in the floor.

A problem area for traditional wheel alignment machines is trucks and buses with twin steering axles. The Axis500 wheel alignment system, when equipped with two additional turning plates, makes it possible to quickly measure and adjust the twin steering axles one after the other. This is another first in the industry.

Truck manufacturers have traditionally insisted that wheels were aligned to the chassis, however this trend is now changing and some manufacturers are now insisting that the wheels and axles be aligned to each other. Sounds simple, yet many trailer units run against the cab, increasing wear on the tyres and fuel consumption. Nowadays, truck operators are including a wheel alignment service check every other service.

Latest research shows that many fleet operators are spending thousands of pounds every year employing the services of leading mobile wheel alignment companies, who have conducted tests with leading research agency MIRA and have concluded that it is possible to save up to 5% on fuel costs if properly aligned. There is even better news as correct wheel alignment can increase tyre lifespan by 20%, reduce carbon emissions, increase driver comfort and vehicle safety.

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