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Hankook official tyre supplier for microSNAP project

Tyre maker Hankook has teamed up with Rinspeed for its new microSNAP project, a micro vehicle system with interchangeable chassis and bodies.

Hankook will be supplying the micro vehicle with a tyre from its Flagship-UHP Ventus S1 evo line in the size 195/40R17.

The unit is envisioned to deliver both goods and passengers autonomously and quickly to their destination. The chassis and the body are mated only for their current purpose and can be separated easily when needed. The electric vehicle is full of technical and visual treats by a network of renowned companies.

“Being the official partner on this visionary micro vehicle proves Hankook’s technological know-how on shaping the future of mobility”, says Han-Jun Kim, President of Hankook Tire Europe. “With our own design challenge, we are constantly working on developing creative and efficient solutions for the mobility of the future.”

The vehicle is currently being presented at the Geneva International Motor Show 2019.

This spring, the Ventus S1 evo 3, the third generation of the successful Ventus series as original equipment tyre for world-wide premium car makers, is launched.

Like its predecessors, it offers a very safe and sporty comfortable driving experience in both dry and wet conditions.