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GYS Neopulse 300-T2 approved for aluminium welding

The GYS Neopulse 300-T2 MIG Welder has been Telsa-approved for aluminium welding during structural repairs on Model S and X.

The GYS Neopulse 300-T2 features connectors for push pull and spool-gun torches. The two integrated wire feeders enable the use of two wire types consecutively.

This machine also features two 4m 3 bottle supports in order to use two different types of gas. Combining power and ergonomics. The Neopulse 300-T2 offers unrivalled welding quality for car body workshops or light industrial works.

For more information on the GYS Neopulse 300-T2 contact Shop Bodyshop Direct on 046 909 3800 or email info@shopbodyshopdirect.com. Alternatively, visit GYS.fr for direct information.