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Gunson release new twin-head cleaning brush

Professional car detailers rely on a number of special brushes and cleaning tools in their pursuit of perfection. Gunson says that its new twin-head cleaning brush has been designed to help you clean those hard to reach areas of cars that other cleaning tools simply cannot reach.

Get stuck into these detailed areas of the dashboard with its soft bristle brush; spin it around and use the three-pronged soft microfibre cloth on vents, removing all grime and dust particles.

It’s not just modern cars that benefit from this must-have cleaning tool, it’s ideal for classic cars and sports cars; the versatile design ensures you can clean hard to reach places with ease.

Use it on painted metal surfaces with piece of mind. The anti-scratch materials ensure that painted surfaces will be in tip top condition and sparkle like they were new again. You can even remove the three-prong cloth, give it a wash and use it all over again.

Ideal for the classic car owner or anyone who likes to pamper their car and available now from Gunson stockists.