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GS Yuasa Academy a “resounding” success

Battery maker Yuasa has said that its online battery training platform, GS Yuasa Academy, which was launched earlier this year, has proven to be a resounding success with thousands of learners now receiving battery training through its device. Featuring over 20 certified courses tailored to different job roles, the academy is “proving to be a hit with technicians, distributors and educational institutes alike”.

The GS Yuasa Academy is aimed at improving customer service, reducing warranty returns and maximising battery business potential. Each course on the academy is broken down into easy-to-follow, bite-sized modules with downloadable completion certification. Course topics range from ‘correct application and technology’ to ‘battery testing and warranty handling’.

Jon Pritchard, general sales and marketing manager at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK commented: “We are delighted to have so many people now receiving high quality learning online through GS Yuasa Academy. We received a fantastic reaction to GS Yuasa Academy when we launched the online learning platform, and the response has been consistently positive ever since

“An understanding of batteries is essential for anyone who is dealing with batteries in a professional context, be that fitting or sales. Through GS Yuasa Academy’s engaging content, we hope to deliver essential battery training in as an accessible way as possible – fulfilling an industry-wide need for more automotive training and development.”

Designed for both individual learners and organisations, GS Yuasa Academy provides valuable knowledge and skills. The courses feature useful support material and a downloadable certificate upon completion.

Ian Newham, training manager at GS Yuasa Battery Sales UK, and one of the presenters of the academy said: “With a dedicated team of specialist engineers and technicians, GS Yuasa has long been renowned for its excellent customer support and technical training.

“We’ve had tonnes of great feedback from a wide range of users. Workshops, technicians and garages are all getting behind the GS Yuasa Academy. They love the comprehensive training courses and animated video content. The fact that users can simply leave the site and then pick up where they left off is a real bonus for technicians and workshop owners with a busy work schedule.

“We already had an extensive training programme in place, but GS Yuasa Academy offers industry leading training to as many workshops as possible.”

Yuasa battery training seminars were last month held throughout Ireland in conjunction with Irish distributor Somora Motor Parts.

Held in Athlone, Dundalk, Kilkenny and Limerick, the evening events proved a huge success with motor factor, garages and technicians. Each session focused on AGM / EFB batteries and the huge potential that this technology can offer.

Ian Newham and other members of the Yuasa training team dispelled many of the myths that still surround this type of technology and gave practical advice on how to build new battery business and expertise.