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Good as new……

Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly understand more than most the benefits that remanufactured engines provide to the aftermarket. In this article, Paula Huesca De Crean, Chief Commercial Officer at Euro Car Parts, explains more.

Not only do remanufactured engines bring cost and environmental benefits to repairers, but they all perform to the same performance specification as their original equivalents. Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly works very closely with leading engine remanufacturing companies to bring their range to the independent aftermarket. This high standard allows Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly to offer an impressive 12-month unlimited mileage warranty on parts and labour.

“There is a clear difference between a reconditioned and remanufactured engine. A reconditioned engine has been cleaned with some damaged components replaced, in an attempt to restore it back to its previous condition. However, reconditioning is a subjective process and offers few guarantees to the end customer when it comes to warranty, longevity and performance,” Ms Huesca De Crean commented.

Compared to the reconditioning process, remanufactured engines go through a more thorough process. Original units are stripped down to the core and rebuilt from the ground up, using the highest quality materials and engineering processes to return them to original performance specification levels. In most instances, performance is even improved.

“To demonstrate to repairers how effective remanufactured engines are, we have reduced prices across the range for a limited time,” she added.

In addition to delivering guaranteed performance at an unbeatable price, remanufactured engines also carry green credentials. A remanufactured engine is produced using less core metal than new OE engines, with 85 per cent of an engine’s original components returned to OEM specification. Remanufacturing also uses around 85 per cent less energy than other manufacturing processes, reducing both landfill and energy demands.

For more information, and for specific details on Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly Limited range of remanufactured engines and components visit or call the Kilbarrack sales team on 01 832 0006 or the Santry sales team on 01 862 0000