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Glasurit redesigns labels

Glasurit, premium paint brand of BASF, has redesigned the labels for its range of products as polishing paste to the large paint container – are being given a fresh packaging design.

The new labels present users with all the relevant information at a glance. To achieve this, the font size of the product number and the product name in both German and English has been increased.

Below this, users will find the EAN code, the country of manufacture, and the VOC symbol – if a product corresponds to VOC regulations – and a circle in black, red and gold. It indicates that this is a quality product from Germany, based on many years of experience and tradition since 1888.

The new labels also allow Glasurit to adapt the packaging design to the brand’s new corporate design, which has been revamped after ten years. Despite all the changes, many things have remained the same – for instance, the labels on the rear and the color coding that helps users to quickly differentiate between individual product lines and areas of application.