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Get winter ready with Primalec’s Airco Shield Purifier

Primalec’s Airco Shield Purifier can provide all service garages with a new profit stream in the winter months.

Many drivers spend a lot of time in their vehicles, and even with the A/C on the air they breathe can get stale, even unpleasant.

Germs, bacteria, allergens, unpleasant odours and many other air contaminants also accumulate. Whether from coughs and sneezes, take away food, spilt baby milk, wet dogs, tobacco smoke, polluted urban air or from moulds and spores in the heater and A/C evaporator chamber, it’s vital to take action against these contaminants.

Primalec’s Airco Shield Purifier tackles this problem by providing a cleaner, medically safer environment in vehicles, trucks, tractors, diggers, boats, or caravans. It makes journeys more pleasant and less distracting.

For a modest investment workshops get a profitable new customer service proposition, with no consumable costs, and Primalec will even help convey the message that ‘a purified cab is a safer cab’ to consumers.

Benefits are:

  • Easy to use and works while they do other work
  • Kills bacteria and germs, destroys mould spores
  • Leaves a medically safer, and more pleasant in-car environment
  • Eliminates nasty odours at source
  • Eliminates virtually all odours – without masking them
  • Leaves a freshened clean air interior
  • No chemicals or REACH compliance to worry about

Primalec Director Richard Doran said: “I am sure that everybody has at some point experienced a bad smell in a vehicle. Airco Shield Purifier can eliminate these smells using ozone which is an extremely powerful odour remover.

“It represents a great new profit opportunity for workshops and air conditioning specialists who can transform the environment inside a customer’s vehicle, making it a much better smelling and healthier environment.

“It is quick and simple to use; treating a vehicle takes just 30 minutes and for a modest investment, and no consumable costs, workshops will get a highly profitable new customer service proposition. We’ll even supply consumer leaflets to help them sell the service.”

Full details of Primalec’s range of products are featured in the company’s latest product catalogue.