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Gates introduces new Micro-V Belts

Gates introduced its latest generation of Micro-V belts – The Gates Family of Four at Automechanika Birmingham this week.

A new look, OE construction and a new family of four – major talking points to emerge from the latest generation of multi-ribbed belts for accessory belt drive systems, introduced by Gates.

The link between Gates OE and the Aftermarket product range are clear and will become more prominent as the latest generation of the Micro-V® range is introduced throughout the European supply chain.

Striking OE links include:
The new standard range has the same distinctive patterned belt back as OE
Greater flexibility associated with OE design and construction
OE technology in compound, cords and ribs

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of belts and metal parts, Gates works closely with most major vehicle manufacturers. It’s well known that Gates Micro-V belts are a standard OE fit in many Ford, PSA and VW Group models. However, did you know that Gates delivers power to Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and Aston Martin?

The quality of the EPDM rubber compounds used to manufacture Gates OE belts was instrumental in achieving greater crack-resistance and reliability under the most extreme temperature variations. Gates uses the same compounds and the same OE design technologies in the construction of the latest generation of Micro-V belts. Advanced tensile cord materials provide the necessary strength and durability.

As an OE development partner, Gates knows the versatile engine designs in today’s passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Different belts are needed to accommodate variations in OE design.

The Gates Micro-V® range includes 4 different belt types to ensure it provides the optimum solution for each specific application:

All-rounder (ideal for 90% of European applications)
Stretch Fit (perfect for applications with stretch-type belts without tensioners)
Stop&Start (specially designed for belt-driven stop-start systems)
Unique Fit (specifically for more ‘sensitive’ systems)

Gates believes that strong branding and a focus on each type of multi-ribbed belt will help to confirm correct part selection and increase installer awareness about the alternative fitting techniques involved.

Parts ordering and selection
Gates has taken care to ensure that the latest generation of Micro-V belts can be ordered and integrated into existing stocks with ease. There are no changes to part numbers or prices.

For every vehicle application, the online catalogue (www.Gatesautocat.com) automatically selects the appropriate belt from the family of four. This gives peace of mind to parts distributors as well as their installer customers.

Gates Micro-V belts cover 99 per cent of the European car parc. Offering the biggest coverage in the market demonstrates why Gates is the first choice for OE replacement.