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Five star Auto Express review for Ring’s digital tyre inflator

UK magazine, Auto Express has tested the RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator from Ring and once again awarded it five stars, naming it “Our Choice” of inflator.

The RTC1000 was pitched against two other models, and all were tested on their speed, accuracy and noisiness, with extras such as cable and air hose length, accessories, case and display quality also being taken into account.

The RTC1000 Digital Tyre Inflator was named “Our Choice”, proving itself “just as impressive on second acquaintance”, having previously achieved a five star review from the magazine. This time round it produced an “even quicker inflation time and with a little less noise”. The reviewer continues to praise the “huge, backlit display”, the easy-to-use autostop, brass valve and the “nicely padded case”. As well as all this, the review praised the “excellent” air hose and cable length, as well as the wind-up mechanism that allows the cable to be neatly and quickly tidied away.

Lizzy Sebine, Tyre Care Product Manager for Ring said: “Having this endorsement from a renowned title like Auto Express is a great achievement for us. Tests like these really prove that a product works well in the real world, and we’re delighted with the results.”