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First Line oil sumps

Reflecting the poor surface quality of many of the UK and Ireland’s road network, with pot-holes and debris, as well as the huge increase of so-called ‘traffic calming’ speed humps and ramps, the number of vehicles entering the workshop with damage to their oil sumps caused not just by impacts, but from corrosion to exposed surfaces, has risen considerably.

Vehicles that are particularly susceptible to such problems include the aluminum sump on the 1.9TDI engine, which is widely used across the Volkswagen Audi Group range, but also the iconic Fiat 500 and the ever-popular Vauxhall (Opel) Corsa 1.3TD.

As a result, First Line, one of the UK’s leading premium quality replacement parts suppliers, has a range of 10 oils sumps that cater for these vehicles, as well as several other high demand applications.

Naturally, the range is manufactured from steel or aluminum, in accordance with the original equipment fitment, with the steel sumps benefiting from a powder coating to ensure extra corrosion resistance and longevity.

Although all are fitted with the necessary sump plug, First Line also offers a range of seven sump plugs that can be bought separately and these include the popular patented plastic plug used for the Volkswagen Golf and the Audi A3/A4.