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First Line offers gear control cable solutions

Aftermarket components supplier, First Line Ltd., offers a comprehensive range of accelerators, brakes, clutches and speedometers, as well as a broad selection of gear control cables.

In common with the traditional gear linkage, a control cable selects and engages the different gears within the transmission system via the gear lever. However, to ensure the vehicle retains its smooth gear selection, the control cable needs to be in good condition and replaced with a suitable alternative should it become worn.

Specialist knowledge of the product group enables First Line to provide the trade with the specific details that help them to avoid problems when replacing gear control cables and this fact is brought into focus with the 1.6i R50 engine in the BMW Mini, manufactured between 2001 and July 2004.

Condition A

On these early examples, Mini simply refer to the two possible variants for this particular application as ‘Condition A’ and ‘Condition B’, but there is no further information as to which cable is the correct replacement when a change is required.

First Line has however, brought clarity to the situation by clearly highlighting the differences, which are very noticeable once technicians have been informed of what distinguishes the two cables.

Condition B

Although the length of the cables varies for each, the distinctive features are found in the gear shift housing, which is in fact, very different. The Condition A housing is white/light beige and incorporates obvious reinforcement ribs, whereas a Condition B housing is black with a smooth sloping front.

Due to the limited demand for Condition A cables, First Line has initially introduced the Condition B replacement, which incorporates an insert cable used for the forward gears (First Line part number FKG1126) and selector cable (FKG1125) for reverse gear.

In addition to such useful technical information, First Line naturally offers an extensive range of gear control cables that includes more than 200 references, which provide workshops with the correct replacement solution for all popular right hand and left hand drive passenger car and light commercial vehicle (LCV) applications.