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First Line for Electric Water Pumps

Modern, low-emission, high-output engines are designed to run within a very small temperature window in order to maintain optimum efficiency. This is controlled through the Electric Water Pump, which regulates the coolant flow dictated by the electronic control unit (ECU). When it comes to forced induction engines, additional cooling of the turbo/supercharger after the engine is shutdown is required in order to prevent premature wear, particularly to the turbo bearing.

When switched off, the temperature of the turbo bearing on these engines can reach up to 340°C within seconds, which can result in the oil in the bearing housing losing its viscosity and lubricating properties, causing the bearing to wear and subsequently lead to the failure of the rubber or plastic seals. Therefore, when the engine is switched off, the electric pump is designed to continue circulating coolant for a number of minutes. This continues until the turbo has sufficiently cooled, which manages the temperature and prolongs the lifespan of the turbo.

First Line, an established worldwide supplier of premium quality automotive components, is aware of many of the issues that can cause problems with the Electric Water Pump, and therefore in addition to supplying the replacement component, can advise how to carry out a successful replacement.

With a comprehensive premium quality range, covering a multitude of references, every product comes with a 24-month/24,000 mile warranty, both factor and workshops can be confident that First Line has the replacement solution they need.