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Ferodo brake pads OE on latest generation of the Ford Fiesta

Federal-Mogul Motorparts’ ispecialist braking brand, Ferodo, will provide pads for the latest generation of the Ford Fiesta.

Ferodo’s Eco-Friction brake pads will be equipped to the front axle of the most popular Fiesta models. The environmentally-friendly, copper-free pads will give owners of the new Fiesta confidence in the cars’ green credentials and braking performance.

Following five years of dedicated research, Ferodo was first-to-market in the aftermarket with copper-free pads in the form of its Eco-Friction range. With over 1,500 materials tested and 25 different new compounds, the development and testing of the pads was rigorous. Comprised of greener materials and with a significant reduction in fine particle emissions, the pads offer increased safety, noise suppression and best-in-class performance.

“It is great to see another manufacturer adopt Eco-Friction pads, especially on a model as popular as the Ford Fiesta,” explains Gozde Kirali, Brand Manager, Braking, Federal-Mogul Motorparts EMEA. “Regulation changes necessitate a reduction of copper content in brake pads, so we started development of our solution several years ago and had its first adoption in 2014. This demonstrates our commitment to being pioneers in the industry – developing technology before the market requires it.”

Brake pads are a formulation of 20-to-30 different materials, each with different functions. During the design process, it was clear that there was no single material that could replace copper; as such, the Eco-Friction range uses a variety of metal sulphides, minerals, abrasives, fibres, ceramic particles and types of graphite to achieve the same wear and friction characteristics as pads with copper.

Ferodo’s Eco-Friction has proven pedigree. When tested on six vehicle models, the results demonstrated that Eco-Friction provides up to 17%* more stopping power than competitors’ pads. Market coverage is also significant, with the technology available on 90% of Ferodo’s product range, making the brand a leading supplier of greener brake pads.

The Ford Fiesta was originally launched in 1976 and, to date, more than 16 million Fiestas have been sold globally. The all-new Ford Fiesta was introduced in 2017, more than 40 years after the original.

If you would like to learn more about Ferodo products, including the Eco-Friction range, you can visit . For more technical content and tutorials tune in for Garage Gurus channel on Youtube.

* Source: Stopping distance tests conducted by Federal-Mogul Motorparts R&D and witnessed by independent company MIRA, UK.