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febi supplies over 250 parts for Mark 7 Golf

Currently in its seventh generation, the VW Golf is still one of the best selling cars on the market.

febi supplies over 250 different articles for the VW Golf Mark 7, including parts from most core ranges including steering, suspension, electrical, and rubber metal. There are also several references for filters in range.

With some vehicle makes, e.g. Golf, the oil sump plug has to be replaced at every oil change. This is because the washer is integrated into the plug. With other vehicles, such as the VW Polo 3 Classic 1.4L, only the washer has to be replaced.

With the Mark 7, the washer is not integrated into the plug and can be replaced separately. Look for damage to the oil drain plug at every oil change. febi recommends replacing not only the sump plug washer but the sump plug as well if rust or other adverse effects are present. febi offers oil sump plugs in all variations, regardless of whether you only need the washer, the plug or a complete kit.

Rely on tested OE matching quality spare parts from febi bilstein. The entire range for the engine timing can be found at