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febi has Skoda Octavia covered

febi bilstein supplies over 1,300 parts for the Skoda Octavia including steering, rubber metal and electrical components.

febi says it recognises the symptoms of the failure of a Resistor. The heater blower motor resistor is part of the heater/AC system. The resistor manages the speed variances of the blower motor. Without this part, the speed of the airflow from the blower motor cannot be changed, or may not work at all. If the resistor is faulty, it’s likely that the fan will only work on the highest speed.

The fan speed is adjusted very frequently and therefore undergoes a huge amount of stress, which over time can ultimately lead to failure. A failing Blower Resistor can cause many problems with the way the heating/air conditioning operation works and can create a variety of issues with the system, which would indicate the need for replacement.

If the fan is stuck on high, it is likely the heater blower motor resistor is worn or faulty and should be replaced as soon as possible. The relevant electrical circuits will need to be fully inspected to verify a faulty resistor. Other symptoms of failure may be that the blower motor stops functioning (no air leaving vents), or the blower motor only operating at two speeds instead of four.

Note: The highest speed setting may still work because in most cars in the highest fan speed settings, the current bypasses the blower motor resistor.

Popular parts in range include:

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