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FAI’s 2019 Steering & Suspension drive

FAI Automotive has been suppling the aftermarket with steering and suspension components for almost two decades, with over 6,000 references now available across the UK and Europe.

The last year of range extensions equate to over 680 new part numbers – all now available in stock for purchase. The diverse additions to range cover vehicles ranging from the Porsche Cayman to commercial workhorses like the Volkswagen Crafter (2016>) and Ford Transit Connect (2013>). Some of FAI’s recommended components include:

FAI specialise in all safety-critical components, with all ball joint and fixing designs going through stringent tensile testing to ensure a quality product. To guarantee a high quality, safe Steering & Suspension component, FAI follows four key safety processes.

  • Salt Spray Testing – Tested for corrosion resistance of the surface coating, simulating accelerated conditions from the real-world operating environment.
  • Strength & Load – In such safety-critical load-bearing components, strength is crucial. FAI components are subjected to numerous testing methods including Hardness Control, Material Load, Ball Pin Strength, Rotational Torque Testing and Link Rod Pull & Vibration Testing.
  • Detailed Analysis – FAI undertake detailed analysis such as Metallographic Examination and Chemical Analysis of all rubber and metal components.
  • Lifetime & Fatigue – To maximise product lifespan, FAI wishbones are tested using a 3-Axis Bush Endurance Cycle to simulate increased wear and tear.

The range is spearheaded by product managers Gary Hammond and Mayur Chauhan, who strive to meet the requirements of an ever-growing customer base going forward.

Chauhan said: “We’ve worked closely with our factories to develop new part numbers which I’m happy to have included in our latest catalogue. The sharp rise in certain modern car and LCV sales have prompted us to produce a comprehensive offering that will aid our customers as the vehicles leave the hands of the dealers and on to FAI’s customer base.

“FAI has secured a distribution network throughout Europe which has increased our sales and in turn; our manufacturing power. This is the main reason we’re able to stay competitive in the market and continue to offer excellent value. 2019 is going to be important for our Steering range as the latest extension is one of many to come throughout the rest of the year.”