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FAI explains the importance of VVT hubs

Variable valve timing adjusters (VVT) allow the engine to operate in a fuel-efficient way and dynamically change the engine timing to give optimum power/performance when needed.

This is achieved by pressure feeding engine oil into the VVT rotor chamber, which either advances or retards the engine timing by moving the camshaft by a few degrees from its start-up position.

Due to the incredibly small tolerances needed to make the VVT operate reliably, it is vital that the engine oil used is the correct grade/specification free from contaminants and foreign bodies.

If VVT hubs are operating within a hostile environment (wrong or contaminated oil) then they will not function correctly causing the engine to underperform, become noisy and eventually cause chain fatigue failure due to excessive/erratic loading.

Due to the mechanical consequences caused by a failing/failed VVT, it can be assumed that the VVT hub(s) will have caused or at least contributed to a timing chain failure. And not to replace the VVT hub(s) during the repair will be a false economy, as the root cause of the timing chain failure has not been rectified.

FAI VVT’s are manufactured to OE standards, which means they are made using the OE specification material and CNC machining processes. They are assembled in “clean rooms” which must be entered via an air lock ensuring no airborne contaminants can become trapped within the VVT mechanism. Each hub is also 100 per cent tested before packing for total piece of mind. Despite this costly process, FAI VVT’s and kits are very competitively priced, ensuring a good value repair.

The VVT hubs are offered as part of the comprehensive FAI Timing Chain Kit programme but are also available separately for popular Mercedes 1.8 M271 models. They offer the inlet and exhaust hubs as separate parts to allow more choice when carrying out the timing chain replacement.

VVT001 – Inlet VVT Hub for Various Mercedes 1.8 C-Class, E-Class & SLK models.
VVT002 – Exhaust VVT Hub for Various Mercedes 1.8 C-Class, E-Class & SLK models.

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