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FAI announces new steering and suspension catalogue

FAI has continued to develop and increase its industry leading Steering and Suspension range through regular research and development by the company’s product specialists and in the last 12 months, over 800 new part numbers for some of the most modern vehicles in the marketplace have been added to range. This range extension covers a wide variety of Steering and Suspension parts with emphasis on anti-roll bar bushes and strut mounts.

To bolster this huge range expansion, FAI has launched a brand new 2017 Steering & Suspension catalogue containing more than 5,200 part numbers supported by 326,000 lines of data. The latest edition will be available to FAI customers in March and will be announced once in stock.

Gary Hammond – Senior Product Manager for FAI’s Steering & Suspension range tells us more: “We’ve had an incredible year with regard to range development on steering. We already had the quality nailed down and this was apparent when looking at our unbelievably low returns rate. We also test every part against OE and in salt spray tests, we even exceed OE standard; this is to ensure that we live up to our core values. We are able to offer this level of quality because of considerable investments that have been made to manufacturing methods in every step of the production process.”

“Our last catalogue was released in 2015 and contained around 4,000 part numbers. Since then, we really focused on broadening our offer, resulting in an average of 58 new part numbers added to range every month.. With this huge expansion, we saw the need for a paper catalogue to assist customers alongside our own web catalogue, TecDoc and MAM.”

After a lot of hard work, the 2017 edition will be available to our customers in March; still maintaining that traditional functionality and easy to use format but standing out from the crowd with our new catalogue look.’

FAI’s customer newsletter now includes a dedicated page to recommended brand new steering and suspension parts. Along with the monthly new to range file that accompanies this newsletter, FAI includes the top 50 recently added steering part numbers based on sales and application to assist with ordering.

For more information please visit faiauto.com.