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Extra-long alloy wheel nut sockets from Laser Tools

If you take care of your car you will also take care of your alloy wheels, and that means using proper alloy wheel nut sockets when removing or tightening the wheel nuts. But sometimes clearance can be a bit tight and you certainly don’t want to scrape the edge of the wing with the torque wrench!

These extra-long, alloy wheel nut sockets from Laser Tools (part number 6866) solve this problem. Their 150 millimetre length keeps the torque wrench safely out of the way of the bodywork, and their thin-walled design and protective nylon sleeve looks after both the alloy wheel and the wheel nut.

The sockets are manufactured from chrome molybdenum steel for excellent strength and wear resistance.
The set of three includes 17, 19 and 21 millimetre sockets, and they are presented in a sturdy blow mould case to keep them clean and secure.

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