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Exploring the febi range

febi bilstein supplies a wide range of different components for a variety of vehicle makes and models, so you might not be aware of some of the interesting parts available.


Here we take a closer look into the anti-roll bar ProKit – with mounts and connecting rods, Part 40090.

Road debris, road salt and other external factors can cause damage to the anti-roll bar’s coating, which often leads to the deterioration of the bar itself. When the anti-roll bar paint protection is damaged around the mounting points, you need to replace the anti-roll bar along with the rubber mounts.

febi bilstein offers a range of anti-roll bar kits, which include the fitting kit and anti-roll bar. febi ProKits provide all the necessary parts for a professional repair under one part number. This saves time and money for both workshops and their customers.

An in-depth look at one of the anti-roll bar kits (part 40090), shows how many individual components are available under this one part number. The full kit includes:
• 1 x anti-roll bar
• 2 x anti-roll bar bushes (part 14718)
• 2 x anti-roll bar bush clamp (part 23366)
• 2 x bolt for stabiliser mount
• 2 x stabiliser link (part 28579)
• 4 x anti-roll bar bush clamp bolt
• 2 x nut for stabiliser mount

There are multiple applications for part 40090, including: Seat Leon (1998-05), Seat Toledo (1999-05), Skoda Octavia (1996-13), Volkswagen Bora (1998-05), Volkswagen Golf 4 (1997-04), and Volkswagen New Beetle (1998-10).

febi supplies a range of anti-roll bar kits for a variety of vehicle makes and models. Find the range of steering and suspension parts on febi Live! The online catalogue makes it easy to find the parts you need, saving you time and money. Sign in or register now at www.febilive.com.

All febi products are of OE matching quality, giving you confidence in first time fit. When you want to be sure of quality and fitment, choose febi bilstein.

The febi product brand is part of the bilstein group, which also incorporates the strong SWAG and Blue Print brands. Further information can be found at: www.bilsteingroup.com