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Exide announces refresh of marine and leisure range

Exide Technologies has refreshed its Marine & Leisure battery ranges. This range is now the first on the market to feature both verifications from the UK’s NCC (National Caravan Council) and approvals from DNV-GL for AGM and GEL types, and comes just in time for the spike in sales at the start of the season.

The range is comprised of Exide Start, Start AGM, Dual, Dual AGM, Equipment and Equipment GEL. Start and Start AGM are designed to start the engine, Dual and Dual AGM are designed to service all electrical consumers from a single battery bank, and Equipment and Equipment GEL are designed for the dedicated supply of electrical equipment. AGM and GEL are VRLA (valve-regulated lead-acid) batteries that offer the very best performance for the task at hand. The range is available straight away, ideal for consumers looking to buy before the season gets underway.

Exide is an OE manufacturer to major boat, caravan and motorhome manufacturers, and has a market-leading reputation for the quality and reliability of its products. The aftermarket range features DNV-GL approvals for AGM and GEL batteries. This is the highest endorsement for a marine-market product, and means that the approved batteries were deemed safe and reliable for use at sea. The range also features verifications by the NCC, a trusted authority among motorhome and caravan users. For resellers, verifications and approvals help to establish their expertise and demonstrate that they provide quality, long-lasting products.

The new labels for this season’s range are designed to optimize retail performance and increase consumer engagement. They feature a light color palette, using contrast silver to highlight the premium status of AGM and GEL technology. New icons show what vehicle types each battery supports, reassuring consumers they are choosing the right battery for their needs.

The new labels contain a QR code which takes you to a mobile-optimized product page on, where end users and professionals can find out more information and ensure they are selecting the right battery for their needs. Exide’s new battery finder tool, launching soon, will contain a Marine & Leisure search tool allowing batteries to be selected based on energy needs, electrical configuration and usage conditions. It can also estimate energy requirements if these are not already known.