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EV owners to pay to charge their cars later this year

Owners of electric vehicles will begin to pay for public charging of their cars before the year is out and will face a penalty for overstaying at charge points. This was revealed by Eddie Cunningham in the Irish Independent in an interview with a representative of ESB Ecars.

This company operates and maintains the national charging network.

The Ecars representative told Mr Cunningham that it is considering a pay-as-you-go system, based on energy used rather than time spent at a public charger.

It was also revealed that a monthly subscription-based system for reduced rates will be made available to drivers.

The Irish Independent reports that “exact pricing has yet to be decided” and that the fee will (when it is in place) start with fast chargers before effecting all public charge points nationwide (currently 1,100 in number).

ESB Ecars also informed the Irish Independent that its research shows a “major source of dissatisfaction with the system arises when chargers are in high demand or not available”, and an over-stay fee is being considered to deter drivers that are preventing others who actually need their batteries charged.

The good news for electric vehicles drivers however is that they have been enjoying free public charging for longer than was expected, as these fees were last year scheduled to come into force at the start of this year.