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Euro Power Battery Centre makes show debut

The Euro Power Battery Centre made its debut at the recent Auto Trade EXPO and showcased its wide range of batteries to great effect.

Founded in 1990, the Europower Battery Centre is one of the largest independent battery distributors in the Irish market supplying a wide range of batteries for automotive, leisure, mobility, UPS, floor cleaning, renewable energy, industrial and other specialist applications.

The company’s portfolio includes world recognisable OEM brands such as Banner, Trojan, Sonnenschein, MK, Odyssey, Unibat, Optimate and Lemania.

Europower specialises in batteries and battery related products and can therefore offer its customers unrivalled technical expertise and excellent service.

Customer relationships are maintained by providing the best products for your applications and by applying the company’s experience and know-how to your needs. Whatever the application, Europower offers the best power solution.