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Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly adds Carbon Clean to growing diesel range

Workshops can now access a complete range of diesel particulate filter (DPF) specialist cleaning equipment through Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly. Thanks to an agreement with leading manufacturer Carbon Clean, Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly is now providing effective cleaning solutions for any type of engine, through its Workshop Solutions brand.


Already experiencing high demand, the Carbon Clean DCS-16 DPF cleaning system is designed to enable workshops to carry out DPF cleaning themselves, without sending the filter away for specialist maintenance. It allows garages to remove the DPF, perform an internal wash using a detergent-based cleaning agent and flush out harmful ash left over from passive regeneration.


The system differs from injection fuel cleaning systems because it cleans and drains both soot and ash from the entire DPF system, bringing units back to their original performance specification.

And while the Carbon Clean range offers the opportunity to instantly clean DPFs in the workshop, Euro Car Parts Team P R Reilly is keen to stress that the DPF filter itself is not always at fault, because it may have been blocked due to other components failing within the engine system.

Helen Robinson, marketing director at Euro Car Parts, commented: “With all diesel vehicles manufactured after 2009 being required by law to have a DPF fitted, the independent aftermarket is increasingly faced with vehicles that either have a blocked filter, or an illuminated DPF warning light. While the traditional solution has been to send DPFs away for specialist cleaning, adding to customer waiting times, the Carbon Clean range lets repairers perform complete cleans from the workshop, passing on added value to customers.”

Recent changes to how NCT checks are carried out also call for a visual inspection to ensure filters are functioning correctly and if any trace of smoke is emitted from an exhaust during a metered check, the vehicle will fail under a ‘major’ defect.

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