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End of the road for traditional wheel balancers?

Hunter’s revolutionary Road Force wheel balancing technology, which solves the most challenging wheel vibration issues, has been taken to the next step with the launch of the new Road Force Elite (RFE) balancer.

Launched at Automechanika Birmingham, the new RFE now incorporates Hunter’s ‘vision system’ which provides a host of benefits for users making it even faster, more accurate and easier to use than previous versions.

Indeed, with a floor-to-floor measurement and balance time of just 70 seconds, the RFE is up to 47 per cent faster than previous models and provides a multitude of advanced features compared with standard, slower wheel balancers.

“The new Road Force Elite really does set a new industry benchmark in terms of wheel balancing technology,” explains Paul Beaurain, managing director, Pro-Align. “Aside from being quicker to use than a standard balancer, the system’s advanced technologies, which effectively take the tyre and wheel assembly for a simulated road test, solve the most challenging of wheel and vibration issues.”

With the new ‘vision system’, the RFE automatically scans the profile of wheel rim to allow more accurate placement of fewer balance weights and identifies the spoke location to facilitate the hidden placement of weights. Wheel dimensions are automatically measured, further reducing time, and wheels and rims are force matched to minimise any vibrations.

The equipment has already received a number of significant OEM approvals for global use in vehicle manufacturer franchise dealer workshops including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Bentley, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen.

Having trialled the system for the last six months, Jon Atkin, proprietor at Buckley Tyre Service in Flintshire, was unequivocal in his praise of the RFE, “It’s in a league of its own. It does things that others simply won’t do and has pushed us out to the forefront, technology wise, which then helps us stand out against our competitors. In fact it’s helped us attract customers from as far away as London, Manchester and Bolton – it’s amazing!”

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