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Elta’s VXPro lambda sensors

First fitted to passenger cars in the 1970s, to improve the engine’s combustion efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions, the lambda sensor is now a key component within the engine management system.

As global emissions standards have become ever more stringent, the variety and complexity of lambda sensors has increased accordingly and now includes zirconia, titanium, planar and wideband.

The growth in their use has led to an explosion in the necessary part numbers to cater for the huge variety of applications for which they are now required. This makes holding the correct stock profile a complicated and potentially costly exercise.

Naturally, the lambda sensors offered by Elta Automotive, through its growing VXPro brand, conform to strict matching original equipment specification, to provide workshops with the quality replacement sensors they need on a daily basis.

However, what really sets the range apart is the attention the Elta team has put into reducing the number of parts it offers, while maintaining the vehicle coverage on which the independent sector relies.

This masterstroke has been achieved by concentrating on the length of the cables, which is the defining characteristic that results in the need for so many part numbers.

By retaining the matching OE sensor/connector combination and ensuring the cable is always equal to or slightly longer than the OE part, but never with more than 300mm excess length, the Elta team has consolidated the VXPro range to maintain the same vehicle coverage, from a fifth of the part numbers.

The practical benefits for Elta customers come with a reduced stock requirement and subsequently, improved cash flow, while technicians can relax and fit an OE quality part, with a five-year no quibble warranty.