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Electronomous Car Summit takes place in Killarney

The Electronomous Car Summit, sponsored by vehicle history check specialists, Cartell.ie is taking place in Killarney, Co.Kerry, today, Thursday, April 27 and speakers are discussing a range of issues around the Connected Car, Autonomous vehicles, and Electric and Hybrid Car models.

The event is being hosted by the original Top Gear presenter and motoring rights campaigner Quentin Willson who commented ahed of the event “With diesel fumes in London fast becoming an electoral issue, Ireland’s Electronomous event is spookily well timed. Electric and hybrid cars and vans are part of the long term answer to the UK’s air quality problems. What a shame Westminster’s politicians won’t be joining us – they might just learn something…..”

Aiming to become the Leading Car Technology Event in Europe over the coming years Electronomous is addressing issues such as Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and the so-called “Road to Autonomy”.

Jeff Aherne, Director Engineer, Cartell.ie says: “Self-driving vehicles are a fascinating glimpse at the future of this sector. But there are still hurdles to be overcome. Aside from the programming and engineering challenges there is also the involvement of Governments around the world. We really are looking at the future here and Cartell is delighted to be driving this discussion.”

David Thomas, Managing Director, Volvo Cars Ireland, who is speaking at the summit commented: “At Volvo, our main focus has always been on people and making their lives easier. Technology should improve the consumer experience making mobility safer, sustainable and more convenient. Volvo’s unique approach is to define the technology based on the role of the driver – not the other way around. The next 10 years is set to be a very exciting time as the industry focus shifts to autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity. The new XC60, launching next month, is in many ways the embodiment of these trends, its’ new pioneering semi-autonomous features represent clear steps in our work towards fully autonomous cars.”

Another speaker Paulo Alves, Managing Director, BMW Group Ireland said: “We firmly believe that the mobility of the future will be sustainable mobility and electrification is already playing a big part towards this vision. We currently have the largest range of electro-mobility solutions of any automotive manufacturer, from our full-electric BMW i3, the stunning BMW i8 as well as an extensive range of plug-in hybrid models in the BMW X5, 2, 3, 5 and 7 Series.

Experience has clearly shown us that to make electro-mobility attractive, having a good charging infrastructure and vehicles with the right range and price is not sufficient. It will take additional incentives and increased public awareness to make it happen. That’s why we at BMW Ireland are delighted to be at the Electronomous conference so we can collaborate with all stakeholders in this journey>’