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Duckhams relaunches in Ireland

Duckhams, the much-loved and popular oil brand, known around the world for its distinctive green hue has relaunched in Ireland.

The list of names that have been associated with Duckhams over the years includes many of the stars of motorsport. Lola, Ford, Audi and Lotus all used Duckhams oils when competing.

James Hunt went to Formula 1 with Duckhams backing and rally ace Ari Vatanen won the World Rally Drivers Championship with a Duckhams Ford Escort to name but two.

More recently in 2016, the oil brand supported a budding young female rally driver Louise Cook to continue her career in rallying.

The Duckhams brand has sourced the very best raw materials for a perfect combination of heritage and innovation to create high quality engine oils that deliver excellent protection and superb performance.

The Duckhams portfolio of lubricants is a range that includes their traditional Q20W-50 for historic vehicles, Duckhams Hypergrade, Duckhams QS and QXR to cover a range of passenger vehicles from classic cars to the latest petrol and diesel engine vehicles.

Duckhams Oils are available from their exclusive partner Alpha Lubricants.