Dublin – Europe’s 16th most congested city

TomTom’s latest ‘Congestion Index’ measuring traffic congestion in 58 European cities has found that Istanbul is the most congested city, with Dublin in 16th place.

On average, journey times in Dublin are 27 per cent longer than when traffic in the city is flowing freely, 53 per cent longer during morning rush hour and 58 per cent longer during evening rush hour.

As a result drivers are facing a delay of 33 minutes for every hour they drive in peak periods. Drivers with just 30 minute commute waste 81 hours a year stuck in traffic jams.

This is an improvement on traffic congestion in Dublin from last quarter when Dublin had a 30 per cent congestion level. Dublin is found to be ranked higher than Leeds-Bradford, the UK’s most congested city, which is now 17th and London which is the 18th
most congested European city.

The most congested day was found to be Thursday 31st May. This may be contributed to the June bank holiday weekend traffic. TomTom’s Congestion Index, including individual city reports, can be found atwww.tomtom.com/congestionindex.