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‘Drive-offs’ costing Irish filling stations millions each year

Motorists driving off without paying for their fuel are costing Irish filling stations millions every year, new research from the Irish Petrol Retailers Association (IPRA) has found.

A reported €2.5m is being lost per annum due to ‘drive-offs’, with many filling stations reluctant to do anything about the problem due to a “limited” response from Gardai.

However, a new system to combat this issue was introduced at the IPRA Expo in March called ‘Scancam’. Scancam technology prevents drive-offs and protects profits by scanning license plates at the bowser and within seconds alerts the operator on an iPad that the motorist is a known offender and should prepay.

If a drive-off occurs, the Scancam system generates an incident report in a few simple steps, including video footage requiring little management.

Commenting on the solution, David Blevings, IPRA spokesperson said: “We are seeing very positive signs of a recovering and thriving economy with a huge increase in convenience sales. However there is a still a major problem with drive-offs and we hope the launch of this new system will resolve the problem and also free up Garda time which could be better used elsewhere.”