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Denso unveils e-Videns vehicle inspection tool

Denso has unveiled a new vehicle inspection tool, e-Videns at Automechanika Frankfurt this week.

Denso has developed a unique new vehicle inspection tool called e-Videns, which will help workshops to implement a formal vehicle inspection process, increasing their efficiency and transparency.

The new product provides an innovative new vehicle inspection method, combining Driver Interview, System Scan, Visual Inspection (Walk Around) and a complete Engine Health Check, with an intuitive, user-friendly digital platform that allows a technician to objectively evaluate the health of a vehicle.

Denso e-Videns breaks down the barriers between workshop and customers by inviting the motorist to be part of a previously impenetrable process, offering unparalleled levels of transparency and greatly enhancing the likelihood of a swift sign-off on required and advised work.

That customer clarity is further enhanced by the tool’s ability to uncover ‘hidden’ issues with a vehicle that requires attention and pre-empting faults that may be about to occur, saving the car owner both time and money. The cloud data storage is unique to Denso and allows remote access to engine reference data and easy retrieval of previous e-Videns inspection results.

On completion of the inspection, the system also allows workshops to deliver a simplified, colour coded, easy-to-read report to the car owner. The reports are easily accessible through the cloud. Car owners will enjoy a more transparent experience and an improved service.

For workshops, Denso e-Videns will increase efficiency thanks to its intuitive interface, meaning that a wide range of garage personnel can carry out the inspection of vehicles in a structured method.

A greater level of reference data integration, access to Denso parts databases and consumer-friendly, colour-coded reporting will all boost a decreasing number of customer touchpoints for workshops and offer more opportunities to secure future business.