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DENSO torque guide helps workshops offer the perfect Glow Plug service

With just a couple of months remaining on the Glow Plug servicing peak, workshops still have time to maximise the benefits for their business if they have the know-how to work with seasonally-affected parts like Glow Plugs.

Despite their renowned durability, the Glow Plug is still a sensitive component which must be fitted correctly to ensure drivers can reap the full benefits.

Sometimes the smallest details can create the greatest problems for a car, and this is especially true when it comes to the use of the correct torque for fitting and tightening Glow Plugs.
An under-tightened or over-tightened torque on the Glow Plug when fitting can cause major problems for the plug, and if left unchecked will eventually result in issues to the engine itself.
Too little torque can easily result in holes in the probe, cracks or melting next to the body of the Glow Plug, and even missing the probe completely.

Similarly, an over-tightened torque can cause some serious problems itself, where the probe touches the body of the glow plug, or even breaking or bending the Glow Plug power terminal.
While the damage could end up being significant, they are easy to avoid and simple to remedy. All technicians need to do is to understand the correct torque levels needed for each Glow Plug type, matching the torque to the plug thread, and follow the recommended fitting guide.

Mike Sadler, Assistant Manager and Technical Specialist for DENSO Sales UK, commented: “Glow Plugs remain one of the most durable car components, and even DENSO’s parts – specifically developed to be tough and enduring in the most extreme weather – can be undone by something as simple as the incorrect torque.

“While the winter peak is coming to an end, there’s still plenty of business to be done, and if technicians have the expertise and workshops are properly stocked, they can reap the rewards by catering for the heavy demand over the coming weeks.”

Helping workshops to provide the perfect Glow Plug fit, DENSO offers some easy to follow instructions to deliver an outstanding service, every time.

1. Make sure you are using an appropriate tool for the plug and the terminal.
2. Whilst replacing the plug, ensure that the oil, dirt or other contaminants removed from the Glow Plug don’t get inside the combustion chamber.
3. Before assembling ensure the glow plug make sure you clean the flange located on the engine and insert the new plug into threaded opening, maintaining coaxial position in relation to the opening.
4. Make sure that the glow is positioned coaxially in relation to the opening and tighten the plug by hand.
5. Tighten the plug with a torque wrench, using the appropriate value from the table below

The table below lists all the recommended torques needed for the various Glow Plug threads.

In the event that a replacement Glow Plug is needed, DENSO offers an expansive range covering of 98% of the car parc.