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Denso to put Start/Stop technology centre stage at Autoinform Live Glasgow

Denso will be getting technical at Autoinform Live Glasgow, with an in-depth presentation to help mechanics work on Rotating electrics, start/stop technology and hybrid componentry

Denso will be putting its OE expertise to use at the upcoming Autoinform Live Glasgow, providing visitors with comprehensive training on Rotating electrics, start/stop technology and hybrid componentry.

As the world’s largest OE rotating machine manufacturer, Denso is the industry’s foremost expert in advanced rotating components and will be presenting a technical exposition on the latest developments on the market, paying particular attention to stop/start technology.

In recent years, the technology has become a mainstay of the aftermarket. Not only are stop/start engines able to provide a faster engine restart time, improved performance and driving experience, but their ability to lower emissions has proven invaluable to manufacturers across the world.

Alongside hybrid componentry, the advances in stop/start technology have given even the most experienced mechanics a headache, and Denso’s training presentation will aim to fill any gaps in knowledge and help mechanics make the most of these advanced low-emission technologies.

Fatiha Laauich, Marketing Communications Manager for Denso Sales UK, commented: “Whether technicians have twenty years of experience or two, training is a cornerstone of what makes a workshop successful.

“Rotating and Hybrid technology has been advancing at a staggering rate, and while that’s presented technicians with some problems, Denso training from the OE experts will help workshops make the most of the modern car parc.”

Autoinform Live will take place in Glasgow, April 14-15 and is open to attendance from all garages and workshops. All seminars are hosted by aftermarket suppliers with declared OE quality and OESAA approved products in their range.

To register your interest for the training weekend and purchase tickets, you can visit Autoinform’s website at:

For more information about Denso’s range of aftermarket products and to find your nearest Denso distributor or stockist please visit: