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Denso expands iCabin Air Filters range as cabin pollution exposed

High-quality Cabin Air Filters could be a life-saver for the millions of drivers across the UK, after research revealed many popular cars were failing to remove harmful pollutants from the cabin.

Research by Emissions Analytics, the independent emissions testing specialist, revealed that the ventilation systems on some of the UK’s most popular cars were removing as little as one per cent of the toxic particles in the cabin while in heavy traffic.

While some of the popular vehicles performed better, removing 90 per cent or more of pollutants, many of the 11 vehicles tested performed poorly.

With experts linking in-car pollutants to asthma and other respiratory problems, upgrading or replacing filters with a premium, high-quality Cabin Air Filter could help the estimated eight million asthma sufferers in the UK.

Able to remove nearly 100 per cent of dust, pollen and solid particles as small as 0.01 microns, Denso’s Cabin Air Filters are a simple and effective addition for improving in-car air-quality.

To provide more drivers with added protection, the OE supplier has recently added 32 new part numbers to its CAF range, providing an additional 3,500 applications linked to 130 OE part numbers, and providing coverage to an additional 50 million vehicles.

Needing to be replaced every 40,000 miles, upgrading or replacing old Cabin Air Filters with a high-quality Filter may reap the rewards for respiratory sufferers as the UK continues to endure a ‘perfect storm’ of extreme heat, high-pollen counts and pollution.

Mike Sadler, Assistant Manager and Technical Specialist for Denso Sales UK commented: “No-one should have to risk their health when getting in to their car. To Denso, safeguarding our customers from respiratory dangers is as essential as the performance of our driving safety.”

“We were surprised by this research, but reducing in-car pollution by regularly maintaining essential components like Cabin Air Filters is of paramount importance.” Sadler concluded.