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DENSO expands Engine Management System range

DENSO has launched six new Mass Airflow (MAF) Part Numbers into its Engine Management System range.

The range update means that 92 new applications will now cover 6 million vehicles including Ford, Honda, Land Rover, PSA, Subaru and Volvo, as well as 26 new OE Part Number cross references.

DENSO’s MAF sensors are designed to meet the exacting needs of vehicle manufacturers across the globe. The product update will therefore further strengthen DENSO’s MAF aftermarket range and allow workshops more coverage and sales opportunities.

DENSO created the world’s first plug-in MAF sensor in 1996. The MAF sensor detects the amount of air drawn into the engine and relays a signal to the engine control unit (ECU). The signal is used to calculate the proper amount of fuel to deliver to the engine.

DENSO’s design in MAF sensor technology utilises a unique structure that reduces exposure to the sensing unit. This helps to reduce sensor contamination for improved detection accuracy.

Nick Thomas, Product Manager at DENSO UK, said: “The design and engineering of our MAF Sensors provide a unique structure as well as reliability. The new product update to the range will therefore enable aftermarket workshops to ensure they are selling quality OE-parts to their consumers – a vital aspect of building consumer loyalty.”

For more information about DENSO’s range of aftermarket products and to find your nearest DENSO distributor or stockist please visit http://www.denso-am.co.uk/