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Delphi unveils new DS-FLASH™ Pass-Thru package

Delphi Product & Service Solutions has unveiled its new DS-FLASH™ Pass-Thru package at Automechanika Birmingham, June this week.

The DS-FLASH™ is a simple-to-use solution that provides independent garages with online access to vehicle manufacturer’s websites. This enables the workshop to reprogram and update vehicle electronic control units without expensive dealer-only tools and software.


“EU regulations state that vehicle manufacturers are required to ensure that the independent aftermarket is able to access vehicle calibration files for emissions-related Engine Control Units (ECUs) for all cars new to the market from September 2009. The DS-FLASH™ Pass-Thru makes this more attainable than ever before,” says Chad Smith vice president Delphi Product & Service Solutions EMEA “This innovation can provide independent workshops with the same capability as main dealers, and allows them a cost-effective opportunity to compete. The DS-FLASH™ enhances garages’ abilities to retain business and entice to their workshops new customers that were previously captive to the main dealers.”

The DS-FLASH™ Pass-Thru package provides links for users to access vital OE technical data, service schedule information and the digital service records that have been adopted by manufacturers.  The robust unit is fully compliant with the diagnostic requirements of Vehicle Manufacturers (VMs) and comes complete with J2534 VCI, cables, Battery Support Unit and PC pre-configured for VAG, BMW, General Motors, Toyota and Lexus.

DS-FLASH™ customers also benefit from Delphi’s 12-month support package to ensure ease and precision of operation. This support pack includes a full day of training and ongoing support via a dedicated technical helpline.