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Delphi launches new diagnostic tool

Delphi Product & Service Solutions has today announced the launch of its latest diagnostic tool. Designed for the garage technician, the LP35, part number YDT810, is a highly precise, ultra-fast, affordable hand-held tester for the low-pressure side of any vehicle. With this one tool, technicians can perform quick and accurate pressure analysis across a wide range of positive and negative pressures, both in the garage and on the road.

“Its name is no co-incidence. Unlike other entry level tools, the LP35 measures a wide range of pressures, from as low as minus one, all the way up to positive 35 bar,” explains   Jean-Francois Bouveyron, vice president, Delphi Product & Service Solutions EMEA. “Because of this, the tool is compatible with most low pressure circuits, on most vehicles. This eliminates the need for separate negative and positive pressure tools, saving the garage valuable time and money.”

The LP35 provides accurate pressure analysis for all low pressure circuits including feed pumps, fuel pumps, fuel return, turbochargers, SCR, Common Rail and GDi. It is also suitable for all vehicles types – low, medium and heavy duty provided the appropriate adapter is used – and is compatible with different fluids such as air, fuel, oil and additives.

The kit consists of an electronic pressure sensor, a high-resolution electrical device providing instantaneous pressure values, a plug, transparent pipe and adaptors.

“Thanks to its compact design, the LP35 can be used in both static and dynamic modes,” concludes Bouveyron. “In static, it can diagnose wide ranging issues, from air in the fuel circuit to insufficient pressure output. However, it’s the dynamic functionality which really sets this tool apart. With this additional capability, technicians will be able to monitor pressure and detect failures that may only occur during a road test, providing another diagnostic service that they can offer customers.”

Delphi’s LP35, part number YDT810, is available to order now. For more details on this and Delphi’s full range of diagnostic tooling, visit