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‘Dealer No More’ with Connect Workshop Consumables

‘Dealer No More’ is the catch line, and it means what it says on the box! Connect Workshop Consumables has introduced a comprehensive range of consumables for the garage, workshop and bodyshop network to positively combat spiralling main dealer prices.

Great news for your customers — no more visits to the main dealer. You can offer a more comprehensive range at a massive cost saving, with no loss of quality. Connect Workshop Consumables continues to do the research behind the scenes, constantly contacting both resellers and end users, and discovering the most needed components, the most commonly asked-for consumables, and then offering a cost-saving solution.

The range is vast, and includes trim clips; common rail fuel connectors; electrical sensor connectors to suit VAG, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Ford, with ranges from Renault, Peugeot Citroen and Volvo arriving mid-2020; electrical sensors for Bosch, Delphi and Denso fuel injectors; wiring connectors to suit Supaseal, Delphi, Deutsch, Econoseal, Mate-N-Lock and 250 Type connectors; brake fixing screws and retaining spring clips plus a range of sump plugs covering over 8000 different engine applications.

To illustrate how comprehensive each range is, as examples, Connect offer over 800 trim clips, relating to over 1500 OEM references and covering more than 5500 vehicle applications. Common rail injector spares: injector washers are available as an assorted box (part number 34999) or sold individually (part numbers 36765 – 36779). The injector fuel line connectors assorted box is part number 34039, or individual connectors (part numbers 34021 – 34027, 34058 and 34059). Replacement O-rings (part numbers 34056 and 34057) and spring clips (part numbers 34055 and 34054) are also available.

More than 160 electrical sensor connectors are listed and they are also available in a range of comprehensive assortments. The Bosch set (part number 37550) includes EV6 female fuel injector 2-pin connectors for Toyota, Ford, GM, Chevrolet, Mazda and Jeep; EV6 female fuel injector 2-pin connectors plus Bosch diesel injector 2-pin connectors for Ford and Renault. Three connectors of each are included and all connectors come with a 20cm wire harness attached. Similar sets are available for Delphi and Denso injectors (part number 37549) and Japanese vehicle injectors (part number 37551).

It’s a win-win for both you and your customers — simply ask them to get a price from the main dealer and then compare that with the Connect Workshop Consumables price. You’ve made a sale! Connect offers eye-catching, up-to-the-minute merchandising, designed to make the correct component easy to find.

Encourage your customers to visit where they will find everything from Connect Workshop Consumables listed. They can view useful product videos and make full use of the Trim Clip Finder, the Sump Plug Finder, the Auto Bulb finder and the Electrical Connector finder — simply insert the manufacturer, the model and year and press “find”. It’s as easy as that, and they’ll have the correct Connect part number in seconds.

With Connect Workshop Consumables, you will maximise your profits from consumables sales. Remember, Dealer No More!