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Dayco’s Spanish operation recognised

Hard on the heels of Dayco China and Dayco Europe in Italy, with their respective Caterpillar Supplier Quality Excellence Process recertifications, comes Dayco Automotive Espana, which has been awarded Caterpillar’s Silver Level certificate for the plant in Sant Fruitos de Bages, Spain.

Michael Weiss, president of global powertrain operations at Dayco, said: “For another of our facilities to be awarded Caterpillar’s Supplier Quality Excellence Process certificate emphasises the company’s consistent production standards and quality control procedures.

“It is these inherent principles that have enabled Dayco to become a valued global supply partner, not just with Caterpillar, but many other vehicle manufacturers from across multiple sectors.

“Again, I have to give credit to the many dedicated individuals who have each played their part to allow Dayco to be recognised in this way once more.”