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Dayco makes show debut

Steve Carolan

Dayco, a leading engine products and drive systems supplier for the automotive, industrial and aftermarket industries, made its first appearance at Automechanika Birmingham with an array of its pioneering original equipment (OE) power transmission design solutions, as well as through an informative technical seminar aimed at equipping technicians undertaking system replacements.

As Steve Carolan, Dayco’s national sales manager explains: “Although much is spoken about the obvious requirement for electronic diagnostic training, there is also still a need to inform technicians regarding the mechanical side of vehicle repair and maintenance, particularly with power transmission products such as the primary/timing and auxiliary drive systems.”

Dayco’s seminar, which concentrates on timing and auxiliary belt system design and troubleshooting, was presented by Glen Goldstone, Dayco’s technical manager and contains information on the design and function of the latest drive systems and the issues workshops might come across with these systems and how to overcome them.

“As a world leader and OE manufacturer, Dayco has unrivalled design expertise and knowledge of today’s drive systems, which can help technicians understand their complexity and the challenges that service and repair work present. As a result, useful technical information will be a key part of the content to ensure technicians are able to confidently undertake this type of work.