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Continnetal makes workshop jobs easier

Continental is now making workshops’ job even easier. New water pumps, a mini frequency gauge, and practical training videos mean workshops can now not only work more easily, but also expand their product offering.
“Service has top priority for us,” explains Rolf Sudmann, Head of Automotive Aftermarket within the ContiTech Power Transmission Group. “That’s why we maintain a constant dialog with dealers and workshops and continually optimize our products and workflows.”

Water pumps now also available without timing belt kit
In addition to the all-in-one kits consisting of a power transmission belt, water pump, and other components, Continental is now also offering standalone pumps with immediate effect. Expanding the product portfolio in this way ensures that vehicles without a timing belt drive can also be equipped with Continental’s high-quality water pumps. The product portfolio for the launch of the standalone water pumps extends from the electric water pump for high-tech applications, as found in various BMW models, to more simple pumps which run as ancillary units and, depending on the application, can be combined with a multi-V belt kit. If a repair is needed, a one-stop solution is then available. Continental provides a 5-year guarantee with every standalone pump.
Small part, major benefit: The Belt Tension Tester Mini (BTT Mini) is attached directly to the belt.

Belt Tension Tester Mini smaller and more user-friendly
A compact-format frequency gauge is now available as an alternative to the proven Belt Tension Tester. In the Belt Tension Tester Mini (BTT Mini) Continental offers workshops a compact frequency gauge, with the help of which the correct tension can be set in the belt drive. The company is using the latest technology in miniature so that it can provide workshops with a smart tool with which the belt tension can be reliably tested even when space is very tight. Among the currently available frequency gauges it is unique at present in terms of size and function.
The BTT Mini, which was voted among the top 5 in the category Repair & Diagnostics at the Automechanika Innovation Award, is attached directly to the belt, where it measures the belt’s oscillation frequency with the aid of an acceleration sensor. The relevant measuring points and frequencies for the respective belt drive can be found under Measuring and Fitting Tools at www.contitech.de/aam. These details ensure the belt tension is always set correctly – the most crucial factor for a long service life for the belt and components.
Easy to understand, repeatable at any time, and always based on the requirements of the technicians in the workshops. This was the brief for the “Watch and Work” video series.

“Watch and Work” video series helps with practical tips
Easy to understand, repeatable at any time, and always based on the requirements of the technicians in the workshops. This was the brief for the “Watch and Work” video series in which trainer Stefn Meyer reveals in just a few minutes how to correctly change belt drive components. The approximately five-minute videos are rounded off with special tips, which are intended to help people work in such a way that the belt and engine are not damaged. Stefan Meyer demonstrates precisely which tools have to be used how, and which actions simplify the job. The first film can be downloaded via video portal and social media (YouTube: www.contitech.de/aam-yt-de, www.contitech.de/aam-yt-en, Facebook: www.contitech.de/aam-fb). In addition, the individual films are also linked to the relevant products in the Product Information Center (PIC). The information of relevance to the particular product can therefore quickly be found. Other videos on engines commonly found in cars by Audi, Citroën, Ford, Opel, Renault, and VW will gradually also be available to download, initially in German and English. Work is in progress on other languages so that as many technicians as possible can benefit from the tips and tricks.