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Continental urges people to ‘follow RUDOLPH’

Last-minute shoppers, delivery drivers and gig economy couriers are being urged by premium tyre maker, Continental Tyres, to ‘follow RUDOLPH’ in order to deliver a road-safe Christmas.

The final few days before the big day sees a huge amount of traffic on our roads as we all make the final arrangements, finish the shopping and receive those last-minute deliveries.

The road safety team at Continental Tyres is calling on RUDOLPH to provide the guidance to ensure that all road users are safe and sound across the festive period.

RUDOLPH stands for:

Roadworthy – whatever the vehicle, make sure it is fit for purpose
Under pressure – get a grip with properly inflated tyres, in particular on wet or frosty roads
Don’t ever drink and drive
Observation – stay alert, other road users may change direction, sometimes with little or no warning
Load – driving with an increased load (people or parcels) on board means that stopping distances increase – make allowance and also, make sure loads are securely in place.
Pause – take a break when you need to. Tiredness can kill.
Hazards –The usual risks on the road exist, but also factor in festive revellers and, perhaps, wintry conditions

The ‘elf and safety’ advice is being offered by Continental Tyres as part of their ongoing campaign to improve road safety.

Tom Dennigan of Continental Tyres Ireland said: “The lead up to the festive holidays are a very busy time on the roads with added risks as couriers and delivery drivers are on unfamiliar routes, shoppers are chasing last-minute presents and the party season means more taxis and food delivery services out and about. Also, always allow for Christmas party revellers making their way home on foot or chasing taxis.