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Continental invests in technology for 3D blow moulded hoses

Technology company Continental has invested approximately €10 million in a new 3D blow moulding plant in Changshu, China. The plant has now officially opened.

In the future, 3D blow moulded hoses used in high performance turbochargers for automotive OEMs will be produced there.

“The investment into the new plant underlines our focus on and commitment to the Chinese domestic market, especially the automotive market,” said Thomas Reichenbach, manager of the 3D Blow moulding Project.

The new plant will rely on Continental’s global hose and duct expertise and adopt internationally advanced 3D blow moulding technology to provide Chinese automakers with high performance turbocharger ducts.

The 3D blow moulding plant in Changshu is Continental’s fourth production site featuring the 3D blow moulding technology, following Waltershausen in Germany, Somersworth in the United States and San Luis Potosi in Mexico. Its production workshop is equipped with multiple state of the art production lines for highly automated and intelligent production. The new plant will start series production in the third quarter of 2018.

High-quality automotive plastic products can effectively increase performance and reduce the overall vehicle weight, thereby optimizing the body structure and improving fuel efficiency. With the adoption of the blow moulding technology, recovery and recycling can be realized, thus reducing pollution emissions during production, meeting the requirements for sustainable liquidity in the industrial production process.

What is offering additional value to the customers is that, by relying on the 3D blow moulding technology, auto parts manufacturers will eliminate the cumbersome production and assembly of intermediate parts in the production process, greatly shortening the supply chain, improving the production efficiency of the automotive industry.